Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mystery Egg

I recently found this egg in Baden-Württemberg/Germany and do not own an egg identification guide - can you believe it?!?

Is there anything anyone has to say about the identity of its producer?
My best guess is Eurasian Jay, but I have no way of knowing - and only knowledge is power.

Regarding its size, I didn't have a measuring device with me and it was starting to rain, so I didn't have the time or rather didn't feel I had the time to place anything of know size beside it. You know, these things you always chance upon when turning your pockets inside out (credit cards, 100 Euro bills, diamond rings etc.).
Suffice to say - I hope - that my hand is normal sized for a human hand, fingers could be longer but as I don't attempt playing the bass guitar anymore, I am rather fine with the shape they are. So I just measured my hand and would guess the length of the egg was around 35 to 40 mm.

In case that might help.

Cheers in advance and bird on.


  1. No brown-headed Cowbird in Europe, I assume?

  2. it is definitely a pygmy ostrich - a little known shy, skulking creature of the open plains of northern and central europe. they rarely make their way up in to the alps. you can tell them by their egg-like shape (just like their bigger African cousins), variable flecking, and a size generally considerably smaller than the african ostrich.

  3. Yeah, guys, very funny ... ;-)))))

    Well, it seems Magpie is a feasible option, not Jay.