Monday, February 28, 2011

Common or Rough-legged Buzzard?

This shouldn't happen. But it does, over and over again.

Today I went up into the hills to check how the local breeding pair of Eurasian Eagle Owl was doing, when I saw three Buteos gliding over. I took many photos of the first one, then noticed the second one had passed so much overhead already that I only took one pic (bad angle), and then focussed on the third one to take better pictures.
And of course, it turns out that the second Buteo was indeed the most interesting one - and I have only one picture.


Okay, the other two were clearly Common Buzzards, Buteo buteo, but the picture of the second bird does seem to show a few hints that might point towards it being a Rough-legged Buzzard (or Rough-legged Hawk if you will).

I am not sure though, but should be as this species would be a local rarity. not extremely unlikely, but very nice nevertheless.

What do you think?
The first picture is not altered at all beyond cropping. The second picture is brightened up and with increased contrast.

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  1. Hi Jochen.

    It would be silly for me to have any kind of "expert" opinion about that bird, specially because I really don't know much about the buteo buteo (I am really not a french birder, If I think about it), but I was lucky enough to see quite a few roughies lately. Did you think about a dark morph? if yes, I think a dark morph should not have this white band between head and belly.
    It looks to dark for a white morph and too light for a dark morph...

    some nice pics I found