Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Schildkröten - Turtles

The following two species of turtle were observed in Germany, just south of Karlsruhe, on the edge of a reedy pond surrounded by trees. They are certainly both released pets and thus could be from anywhere, but I'd guess they are most likely North American species.
Any thoughts on their ID would be highly appreciated.

Die folgenden Aufnahmen zeigen zwei Schildkröten (unterschiedliche Arten), die an einem Baggersee südlich von Karlsruhe beobachtet wurden. Natürlich sind es ausgesetzte Haustiere, und es würde mich sehr interessieren, zu welchen Arten sie gehören. Hinweise zur Bestimmung sind daher mehr als willkommen.


  1. Jochen, the first one is most definitely a Painted Turtle, most common turtle in ponds in the US, often seen sunning themselves on logs. They are also sold in pet stores when very small. The second one I have no idea - difficult to identify by the photos.

  2. Hilke is right, the big yellow spot on the side of the head indicates Painted Turtle.

    The second one with the serrated edge to the shell looks like some kind of Map Turtle, of which there are several species.

    Both are native to North America and both are common in the pet trade.